Great Marketing


This year was interesting because 2 Darth Vaders came back to the light side for me.

After an incident more than 5 years ago over DSL that had me trying to get the FCC to take notice, Verizon showed up at my house with FIOS. Even though the DVR is crap compared to TiVo, overall I’ve been very happy with the blazing speed and HD Picture. I’m watching the Patriots turn it on right now as a matter of fact.

In a turnaround that took far less time, after bitching about Sprint treating me worse than someone they’ve never known, I decided on a lark to go to the local Sprint store rather than waiting on hold for another shot at the call center.

30 minutes later my new BFF Ludmilla hooked me and the lovely Carin up with new Palm Centros at the $99 rate. Incredible how fast things can move when you are working with someone who knows how to make things happen.

As part of the upgrade my bill ended up getting screwed up. After only 10 minutes on the phone it was corrected. If these big faceless corporations start making all the right moves what will I complain about in 2008?

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