Thursday Means Coffee Time

This week’s Marketing Over Coffee was a solo show with Mr. Penn out sick, I emptied out the voicemail bin talking about social media (big surprise) and some lessons we can learn from how politicians marketing themselves.

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What about the two most vaunted words in podcasting… GUEST HOST??

My schedule is really flexible and if I could ever wake up at 3AM I would show up at the DD in Natick/Framingham for the festivities.

In fact, when I begin my sabbatical on March 1, I’m really going to try to get there.

But if you need a guest host, I’ll prepare ahead of time and my commentary will be far less disjointed than it seems in each and every one of my phone calls.


The evening after I did the solo show I was at an event with Scott Monty, right after the words “I went solo” came out of my mouth, the lightbulb went on and I thought, I should have booked a guest. But, it my defense Chris didn’t decide to bag until that morning at 5am….


Thanks for stopping by my blog. Could you and Chris talk sometime about how to gain more comments on your blog in an ethical fashion? Is it too early in the Social Media world for people to come out of the closet and comment or am I simply a victim of my own boredom? 🙂

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