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Many months ago Christopher Penn posted on his choice of music. I made a note to do a similar post, and on a Sunday I can indulge in a frivolous post.

I’ve heard it said that our minds are clay and that the things we read and listen to make a lasting impression. This is why I have cut back on the Fiction that I read and the amount of TV that I watch. I’ve also heard it said that TV is like having an open cesspool in your home.

Music greatly affects mood and you can move your emotional state by listening to the appropriate music.

My Mom and her family are from Detroit, and that side of the family gave me an appreciation for Motown, and I have always listened to R&B. My Dad is a drummer and a Jazz fan, which we share in common. Attending the Tanglewood Jazz Festival I was introduced to Jazziz Magazine, which is an excellent source of new jazz to check out, although it’s only available on a CD with the magazine. I’m surprised they haven’t made the jump to iTunes affiliate, and it’s amazing how hard it can be sometimes to find the tracks on their CD (I had to mail order a CD from Italy once that invalidated my credit card).

Add to that my formative years of the 80’s when I could afford to buy music and that covers about 90% of my library.

So, what’s on the playlist?

80’s Remixes and Mashups – from Retro Remixes

Jazz – Which has a lot of Diana Krall in it right now.

Hair Bands – Sammy Hagar, Waltham, Journey

R&B – Luther Vandross, anything from the Prince or Babyface extended families

Country (yes, I do listen to country sometimes) – Kenny Chesney, Toby Keith

Pop – My pop stuck in the 80’s, I check out the top hits on iTunes but don’t follow anybody

Ballads – James Taylor, Matthew Ebel, Billy Joel

Instrumental – John Williams, Yo-Yo Ma, Morricone, Enya

I also like the Mandolin, and we really don’t hear enough of that. My top 3 Mandolin Songs (please add any if you have any)

  1. Mandolin Rain – Bruce Hornsby and the Range
  2. Dance Tonight – Paul McCartney
  3. So Close – Daryl Hall and John Oates

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