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As part of the ooVoo project Charlie had a few questions that we weren’t able to get around to, but they were great so I wanted to throw them (and my two cents, of course) out there…

Where the Big 3 are wasting their marketing dollars (Or teaching Goliath new tricks).

It’s not as much wasting dollars as underfunding the riskier things that have the opportunity for huge returns. Seth Godin has written a lot of stuff about “The Safe Route” being the riskiest possible path. Media continues to fragment – Newspapers and 30-second spots continue to lose power. Find your social niche now, start a blog, shoot some YouTube production level video, actually talk to people.

Is the Tipping Point Toppled? (re: Fast Company article)

My friend John Blue brought this up this weekend also, my response: Yeah, Watts stuff is interesting but I think he’s 1) building a platform around being contrary and 2) severely underestimating the power of the connectors – in tech circles Engadget is much more than 40 times more powerful than the average chump, I’d bump it up by an order of magnitude and see if his model sticks. That and I think you have to rate the content itself -  He hits a home run talking about having a hard time getting “some company’s shitty product” to go viral….

Web 2.0 for beginners (How to dip your toe in the brave new world of the web)

I’d recommend David Meerman Scott to go in depth and for a quick read, Chris Brogan’s new ebook.

So the real question is “Do I have any original thoughts of my own?” tune in tomorrow for my reviews of the remixes on the Michael Jackson Thriller 25th anniversary edition.

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