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Mind Bending Use of Twitter

Twitter invites keep coming in. I have a normal routine, I click through and see who the person is. Anybody with more followers than they are following is fine with me. If you are equal or have 100+ more, it depends on if I know or like you, a highly subjective test.

Then there are the Spitters (Spam Twitters) who are following 2,000 people and have 3 followers. Those go to the junk bin.

Until today.

I got an invite from 5min_tech,  and they follow 2,000 more than follow them. I was about to relegate them to the clearing at the end of the path, until I read the tweets:

How to boost firefox speed? How to buy a computer? How to make flaming logos in Photoshop?

All things that, when flowing through my river of tweets, I might be interested in. Or at least more interesting than “Watch a sock puppet endorse ooVoo. Seriously!”

They got by the rules and defenses by giving some value to the customer – let that marinate for a while (a la Clarence).

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I love this post. I love the idea of it. And I didn’t add that person because I just glanced over the name and thought it was obviously spam or something. But no. I like your thought on it, and you’re right: much more value than a lot of other overall streams.

Thanks, JW! See you in Toronto?

Hey there, John Wall , I was the guy who posted the “Watch a sock puppet endorse ooVoo.” My chief programmer produced that little video on his own and it was so funny and so bizarre that I couldn’t control myself. So, the fact that one of my guys took fabric, thread, and buttons and created a very bizarre and cool video, I thought was the epitome of what was Twitterable. I may well have been wrong but I am still laughing my butt off.

I am rarely on Twitter these days. I’ve come to realize I am an early adopter and, if the magic of the tool dissipates and the original spark gets cloudy and convoluted, an early abandoner.

Twitter used to be in the early days a really fun and great way to catch up with what friends and social contacts were doing. The bite-size character limit only enhanced the feel, users provided “What are you doing?” in a small sentence, it gave a great sense of community and you got the feeling that all kinds of creative people were doing all kinds of cool things.

It’s much different now. It’s all links to ones blog, its all pimping and begging to start a social “con-ver-sation”, and its a lot of random stuff. Also chatting back and forth in the worlds slowest chat room. And if you are not friends with both parties chatting…its a little one-sided and cryptic.

I am glad twitter has taken off, but I do long for those by-gone days when it was about one thing… “What are you doing?” instead of what are you pimping…

LOL, what, am I going to have to start calling you “Golden Age” McMahon? That is funny though, I can’t remember the last time I was cruising around Second Life or chillin’ on Podcast Alley…

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