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The Show Must Go On

I won’t have a whole lot to post for the next couple of days, I’m at the SDWest Conference is Santa Clara, CA. It’s the cutting edge of Software Development and is actually a show with an insane number of sessions and an expo floor with tons of development tools. Unfortunately, as great as the show is, if you are reading this from a marketing slant there’s not much that will interest you.

Some relevant stuff – the floor is run by GES, if you are into shows you know that means that things will go well. We’re using badge scanners, it seems like mag stripe readers have finally (thankfully) died off. We’re rolling out a new booth design so I’ll have some pictures later. Like most shows, all the stress is prior to opening and the first 2 hours on the floor (a cocktail reception for this show). If everything is running smoothly by then it’s hard to screw up the rest of the show (but not impossible).

Something always goes wrong every show, so far I’ve lost a credit card, we’ll see if that’s the worst of it…

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Hey John –
As an events producer, I’m always curious WHY companies exhibit and sponsor. What are you trying to get out of SWEst? How do you define success – is that more of an art or science for your company? Maybe that’s a 2-part question – is success for John Wall separate for success for your company?

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