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Johnny T. (who, by the way, works for a company that produces some great events (even if some of his customers are trying to kill me, but that’s a story for another day)) had written in about trade shows last week and I wanted to get to the second part of his question: Are the Company goals the same as my goals?

Ahh, the glory of blogs. Would any editor let that last sentence stand?

I digress… The short answer is yes. The company’s goals are exactly the same as mine, come back with X leads. The only exception I could think of to this would be occasionally I’ve had sales guys tag along just to meet a short list of contacts, that may even have deals already in the pipeline.

This got me thinking more about how there really are no company goals. All of the individual employee goals roll up to the company results. The art is getting the desired company outcomes broken into individual goals and then making sure that they roll up again to the correct outcome.

And that makes me wonder if you have profitable individuals, is it possible to combine them and add efficiencies (shared office space, infrastructure, sales horsepower) to create a business? Or is that just an agency?

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Sorry about putting you on the spot John, but I think your response is pretty interesting. Initially I wanted to respond stating all those profitable individuals needed to be aimed in the same direction, but now I’m not so sure.
It’s not as much “could” you create a business with say, a profitable puppeteer and a profitable electrical engineer, but “what kind of” business could you create?

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