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My Name is John

I’m off to an event called Blogger Social the first weekend in April down in New York City. It’s a bunch of Marketing Bloggers getting together just to talk and have some fun. One thing that has made this event special even prior to kickoff is that Steve Woodruff has been assembling profiles of the attendees so everyone has been able to learn about who’s going to be there.

Even though this site is a temple of shameless self promotion, I thought I’d try and assemble some of the info that would be interesting to this audience specifically. Let me boil my whole life down to a few bullets that marketing bloggers would be interested in:

  • I’m a little different because I found my way to blogging through podcasting. In January of 2005 I started The M Show as part of my commute to work at MarketingSherpa, where I was working at the time. It’s really just me rambling for 10 minutes once a week about news, my life, and books, movies or DVDs I’ve seen with my wife “The Lovely Carin” (stage name). I threaten to shut the show down about every 3 weeks, and can never do it because it’s too much fun. Although I bear the shame of being one month too late to be part of the exclusive “2004 Podcasters”, many of them have faded into obscurity, and the rest of the world could care less.
  • I’ve been working at small to medium size tech related businesses for the past 10 years, I was in IT before that, in the insurance industry which gives me 3 benefits – 1. An IT perspective on marketing, 2. Stories about the insurance industry that I will only discuss under duress (or drinks), and 3. funds my gadget addiction. I am currently at AccuRev, which makes the best revision control system on earth that is used by all the greatest software development teams.
  • Finally in November 2006 I opened Ronin Marketeer for business. In addition to writing about marketing stuff I blather about, video games, gadgets, and stuff Marketing people do like travel, drink, work trade shows.
  • I am also the defacto Nike Amp+ reviewer for the web, and ran the Boston Marathon back in 2002, and since have become a fat slob.
  • In February 2007 I started the Marketing Over Coffee podcast with Christopher Penn (of Financial Aid Podcast fame, and Podcamp Founder), which is spreading like a sex scandal on an politician. It’s not too late to join the March Madness Brackets for charity that Chris is tracking as part of the FAP.
  • I’m into photography and bought my first DSLR last year (Canon rocks, Nikon sucks, discuss amongst yourselves), I’ll be taking tons of shots and you can see my past on Flickr.
  • Looking forward to meeting everyone in person especially Matt Dickman, Steve Woodruff, Todd Andrlik. Also chatting with Anna Farmery and seeing if I can convince everyone that Scott Monty is my brother.

See you in New York!