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Closing a Deal in Twitter

True story: I have been transitioning the family over to Macs. The most absurd part of this is that I don’t own a Mac myself. And yet, I did make the right decision. My Dad is no longer plagued with spyware and my wife can manage her pictures, music, etc.

The lovely Carin is actually very savvy and likes to login through the VPN at work to use a virtual desktop. As a result she’s asking about running Windows on her Mac. After digging in I found Chris Pirillo, freejacking on the cutting edge of tech, as usual, saying that the two are very close in features, price, etc.

So, having already bothered Chris Penn with my Mac question of the day (do I use Super Duper or Time Machine for backups?), I decided to throw it on to twitter:

themshow The boss wants to run Windows on her Mac so she can access work data. Parallels or VMware Fusion?

an hour later I get:

vmwarefusion @themshow Pssst….she wants to run Fusion. She told us ; ) Free 30-day trial, fully featured. Give it a spin vmware.com/mac

I spoke, someone listened. Case closed…