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Closing a Deal in Twitter

True story: I have been transitioning the family over to Macs. The most absurd part of this is that I don’t own a Mac myself. And yet, I did make the right decision. My Dad is no longer plagued with spyware and my wife can manage her pictures, music, etc.

The lovely Carin is actually very savvy and likes to login through the VPN at work to use a virtual desktop. As a result she’s asking about running Windows on her Mac. After digging in I found Chris Pirillo, freejacking on the cutting edge of tech, as usual, saying that the two are very close in features, price, etc.

So, having already bothered Chris Penn with my Mac question of the day (do I use Super Duper or Time Machine for backups?), I decided to throw it on to twitter:

themshow The boss wants to run Windows on her Mac so she can access work data. Parallels or VMware Fusion?

an hour later I get:

vmwarefusion @themshow Pssst….she wants to run Fusion. She told us ; ) Free 30-day trial, fully featured. Give it a spin

I spoke, someone listened. Case closed…

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I went Mac about a year ago and will never look back. When I started my new job I requested a Macbook and then had Parallels installed. I have no concept of Fusion’s performance, but Parallels is pretty decent. I have 2 monitors for my office – 1 runs Mac and the other runs Parallels. I have 2 computers in 1 and my Parallels side runs Windows better than when I was on a PC.

Gotta love that Steve Jobs… (the real one that is…well, Fake Steve Jobs is cool, too I guess…)

A side comment about Mac programs….a lot of what I love about the Mac is the great software community…basically just about anything you want to do..some developer probably has created it, has a free demo available to try and a price point of like $20-$50.

Case in point today, I burn data discs with the Mac OS (via Finder) but I don’t like how it then verifies the disc after burning (I don’t think you can toggle it off). Each burn takes twice as long.

A quick Google search for disc burn programs, I found this:

Downloaded the demo, completely elegant great program with lots of features for a discounted $20. And the program “smokes” when it burns! Paypal purchase ensued immediately after a test burn.

I find a lot of programs like this for Mac..nicely designed…professional web page with feature description…and always a demo I can try. Yes Steve Jobs is cool..but he’s got a lot of great people dedicated to creating some great software.

So if you are running Windows virtually in OSX because there are some apps you “just have to have on Windows” seriously investigate Mac OSX Software (link in the Apple menu) there really is some amazing stuff out there…

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