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Are you into CrossFit?

Today I learned about CrossFit from Peter Shankman, a fitness program built on this principle: “Develop the capacity of a novice 800-meter track athlete, gymnast, and weightlifter and you’ll be fitter than any world-class runner, gymnast, or weightlifter.”

And you’re already asking how this relates to marketing… but it does.

About 5 years ago I first started learning about low carbohydrate diets and it changed my life. Up until that point I had lived the average American life of gaining a pound a year after turning 21. This was even with being more active than average, including a Boston Marathon, over 300 miles with the Boston NikeTown Running club, skiing, golf, blah, blah, blah.

The problem with the low carbohydrate diet is that it goes against everything we have been sold for years. Between filling up the aisles of the supermarket with processed flower and sugar, and getting a food pyramid built by the groups lobbying for the grain industry, there’s been no profit in telling you otherwise (unless you are a guy named Atkins selling books, or you are sharp enough to come up with a brand called South Beach).

Now I can actually affect my weight, something that I was not able to do before that point. My only problem now is my addiction to sugar and baked goods (which weighs heavier on me now because I am making a conscious decision to be a fat slob rather than being able to cry victim of my metabolism, natural weight or whatever excuse is vogue). The good news is that spring is here and it’s time to take off the winter weight, and begin training for the Falmouth Road Race.

As part of that I’ll be setting a new Nike+ group as the race approaches and would be interested in any training stories, and I’m going to try and learn the CrossFit exercises. Hopefully I won’t injure myself doing an inverted hang or some other doofus move. Anyone fatblogging, feel free to step up, or throw down a gauntlet. And check out the CrossFit blog for daily workouts. Yes, that is not an error, averaging over 400 comments per post.

Both low carbohydrate diets and CrossFit started to come together in the 70’s. Both of these brands had a fundamental truth behind them – the ability to get results, but without the Marketing machine of a profitable industry behind them, it’s taken 30 years to get to me. Think about that when you are trying to measure the velocity of word-of-mouth.

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