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Pushed too Far

HulkI have been reminded to control my temper better while posting. I’m considering that suggestion and apologizing for nothing.

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Isn’t it amazing that companies can make it so difficult for customers to do business with them?

The minute there is an alternative, those same customers are happy to take their business elsewhere. And the offending company blames everyone but themselves!

In the spirit of your post, I think that all airline executives (director and up) should have to ride in the middle seat in coach on all cross-country flights. All hotel executives (manager and up) should have to stay in the room next to the elevator. You know, the smelly one with the rattling air conditioning, lumpy pillows and the Internet cable jack on the wrong side of the room? All customer service executives (manager and above) should have to answer calls from angry customers. All automobile salespeople should have to go to another dealer to buy cars to resell at their own dealership. All Web page designers should have to enter 100 inquiries or orders by hand before making the page/form available to customers. All sales executives should be forced to return all the phone calls they get. All telemarketing execs (managers and up) should have to test their scripts on their CEOs before allowing it to be used on other CEOs. I could go on and on.

One last one–a bit off the topic: I hope the guy who invented neckties has to spend eternity wearing one!

The only comment I have is that you and the Hulk must go to the same hair stylist. That’s a nice-a haircut.

OK. I have more…

Don’t let anyone tie your tongue lest you lose your edge. I applaud your rants and the spirit behind them.

Keep it up!

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