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The Next Writing Project

I’ve started a new project and as a result I can see that this blog will suffer. Hopefully you’ve been entertained thus far, and the good news is the next project has much more structure and won’t just be the ramblings off the top of my head.

As the quarter kicks off we’ve covered the new messaging and it’s time for me to execute. The same goes for Marketing Over Coffee, the program continues to accelerate, but the bad news is that means there’s more work to be done to lift it to the next level. Suffering through all of it is The M Show, it’s been more than 2 weeks since the last show, and there may be something else coming out this week, but the return on that investment is getting smaller all the time compared to the value that MOC is generating.

So, it’s time to put my head down and fade away for a while. Don’t worry, when I’m back there’ll be plenty of interesting stuff to talk about.

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the suspense is killing me – all this time I just thought I’d been fired from listening to the M show.


Why don’t you sub it out to the lovely Carin?

Or better still, walk around with the H2 or whatever recorder you have and do snippets all week long. Then jam them together in a 10-minute pile of goodness whenever you get the chance.

Why am I taking this so hard. Well, it’s because I feel like I’m Midas. Not the muffler place, the guy who in his ironic touch of things gets all his wishes but dooms himself.

I worked for NeWorld Bank in 1986. They are gone now.

I worked for – an Internet social networking firm for baby boomers (it was 2000 and we were WAY ahead of the curve). They are gone now.

I worked for Tweeter a few years back. They are bankrupt.

I worked for TJX for a bit. They’ve had massive layoffs and hacking issues.

I have started running promos for The M Show in my Bowl of Cheese podcast. Now you’re going the way of Delfa Rolls and Donut Tuesday.

That might all be a little self-focused, but if you’re not going to care about listeners then who will? WHO?

And yeah, what’s this new thing you have going on?

And it wouldn’t be horrible if you did an M show GUEST HOST marathon. i.e. a guest host per week for May through October. Like the new Johnny Carson.

Mmmmmm, Johnny Carson. I watched him. Now he’s dead.

Ok, this rant is going nowhere. Later,


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