Daily Life

Backup Plan

As part of the sales/marketing lifestyle we’ve talked about travel before, I had a road warrior tip bail me out this week. I always keep a $20 stashed somewhere in my gear. I’m lucky enough know that the battery bay in my Palm Centro is large enough that I can keep one in there (and a bonus, it keeps the door from creaking like it used to before I put the buck in there).

This Friday we were running out the door so that the lovely Carin could make it to the early train and I forgot my wallet. Thanks to the phone trick I didn’t have to go without my morning iced coffee or have to bum money off anyone for lunch.

The same goes with the tradeshow booth, I keep a small bag filled with some random tools, you never know what you might need, or how you might be a hero to your neighbor in the booth next door.

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