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TiVo back in The House

It only took an extra week to get the Tivo rolling, I ordered 2 cable cards from my cable provider and had 2 cable boxes show up. Then a tech came and installed the cards, but one of them was dead. Verizon was good enough to send out another tech two days later, on a Saturday and now all is good in the hood. Carin has Masterpiece Theatre cranked up and I’m getting back episodes of Heroes and Galactica.

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With Fios now all digital, our Tivo Series 2 is really just nice piece of plastic. Did you get a Series 3 with your return to Tivo I assume? Are the cards working out? Does the serial connection work?


We passed our Series 2 over to my in-laws and they love it (of course). I went with the HD over the series 3. From what I saw on engadget it wasn’t worth it since if I need extra space I go all the way to the 500GB expander, and I use a universal remote so the new Tivo Peanut is not worth a cent to me.

The cards were a bit of a hassle, I got a bad one so the tech had to make a second trip but they came on a Saturday so it wasn’t a big deal. FIOS also screwed up and sent me two set top boxes first before I got the appointment for the cards, but they refunded me $50 on my bill so that was worth it.

I haven’t tried the serial connection, what’s that supposed to get me?

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