The Marketeer

Douglas Rushkoff, How Did I Miss You?

Ok, so I’m very late to the party for this stuff. However, if you are like me and just stumbled out of your cave this morning and haven’t heard of these two programs please mark them as required viewing:

The Merchants of Cool and The Persuaders.

Some of the concepts that jumped out at me (besides being a little creeped out by Song hitting the KoolAide crack pipe so hard):

Shelf Space vs. Brain Space – Unfortunately there’s less brain than shelf.

How Videos race to the bottom – You only have 2 minutes to hit so there better be a crotch kick or beautiful woman in there quickly.

Should Pitches Aim at the Head or the Heart? Is marketing like running a cult?

Bob Garfield of Ad Age had my favorite quote:  “There’s no secret that the American public is willing to consume crap. They are very particular about which is which – they don’t want the purity of their telecrap to be adulterated by merchandising of fast food crap.”

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