Roasting Scott Monty

Monty Roasters

Last Friday a group of Boston Professionals met to send Scott Monty off to Michigan for his new job with Ford. In the spirit of a classic roast, most of the jokes were at his expense or at Crayon’s (apologies in advance to the Crayonistas).

Please keep in mind this is explicit content, and not safe for work. Just to drive it home it opens with an F-bomb and a joke with no taste at all.

Here’s the audio program:

Intro: Scott Monty’s rotten Joke

01:18 John Wall lays downs the rules

02:04 The Roast begins

06:30 Len Edgerly steps up

12:08 Doug Haslam

17:15 Adam Zand

19:11 Todd Van Hoosear

24:36 Chris Brogan

27:50 Laura Fitton

34:10 The Guest of Honor – Scott Monty

Among the offended:

Susan Getgood (also in attendance), Christopher Penn, Crayon, Coca-Cola, Second Life – Linden Labs, ooVoo, Chip Griffin, Sarah Wurrey, Shel Holtz and Neville Hobson, Bryan Person, Maggie Fox, C.C. Chapman, Joseph Jaffe, Chris Abraham, Greg Verdino

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10 replies on “Roasting Scott Monty”

I’m with Jason. At least I got to hear the reaction when my gift was handed out. Thanks for posting the audio.

I hope that horrible joke upfront doesn’t get Scott booted right back to Boston. 😉

I just finished listening, and I think my favorite part was how everyone went “Ooooooh!” after. Ha!

But I didn’t get it as bad as poor Greg and Amanda, so I cannot be offended. 😉

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