Audio Explosion

So I have still been running around like crazy. The sales kickoff was last week and I’m also trying to get everything together for an event in Toronto, and vacation before that up in Northern Michigan.

I’d love to say that I haven’t been able to write in the blog because I’ve been so busy working on the Marketing Over Coffee book…. but that would be a lie. Everything else is eating up the time, including the last of the stuff I had to do to get over my lost cellphone, and a recall on my car that said the wheel may fall off.

That said, I did finally get a new Nano to replace the one that went through the wash, and that fits perfectly with the latest pile of audio that I have in progress and out:

There’s talk this week on the Beancast about Newsroom Neutrality, Tivo and 50 Cent defending his brand.

There’s a new M Show, although I have not yet unveiled my plans to close the show down on episode 200.

Marketing Over Coffee will be out Thursday with a 40 minute interview with David Meerman Scott.

Podcamp Boston 3 was a blast and I still have a ton of photos to upload to Flickr…

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