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Bonnie Lea Farm Fire

So the road trip is finally complete. Last week I was in Canada for Agile 2008, the longest trade show on earth from the vendor perspective. It was a great show but I really would have liked to have seen more of the city, it was very beautiful.

The week before that was Torch Lake (click for photos, you will need to be a contact of mine to see them all).

This weekend was supposed to be a day to clean everything up but on Thursday one of the barns at my in-laws farm was struck by lightning and burned completely. Thankfully nobody was hurt, all the people and animals were able to get out and most of the 15 horses it holds were already out in the field.

You can check out the story here. I was in a photo in The Berkshire Eagle, but it didn’t make it into the online version of the story, dominated by my nehpew Greg. A lot of work going on outside, I got the cable TV and internet connection working again, and have been going over the insurance situation (I do get all the sexy jobs).

I also had a PC with a hard drive failure, I’ve never heard such a loud clanking come from a drive. No problem though, I fired up Ghost and burned an image from backup and it’s right back in business. On to next week!

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