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Manipulating Your Perceptions – Part 2

Over on Marketing Over Coffee a few weeks back we talked about manipulating perceptions – creating story and reality that the customer wants to see. This is nothing new, Seth Godin made the bold proclaimation “All Marketers are Liars”.

While Mr. Godin’s title embraces irony, using the word “manipulate” creates a sinister impression that is rather severe. Of course it fits well within the Red Saber attitude of the show, but is not perhaps the best marketing. For those who see the concept instead of the literal word it’s not a problem, otherwise it needs some copywriting. This becomes a guiding force during campaign times, with calculated phrases such as the more acceptable “climate change” replacing the more menacing “global warming”.

Rather than debate the semantics, this video demonstrates bending the will of others while using the power for good.[youtube]zyGEEamz7ZM[/youtube]   

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