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The Weather Cooperates

Just an update of what’s been going on with me – after being sick AND it raining last weekend I was able to make up for lost time. I took photographs at all of my nephews and nieces games (2 soccer one football  – you can check out the Sports Illustrated level lens that I rented this weekend looks like over on these Flickr shots (sorry, my contacts only).

And since the weather was good I winterized the air conditioner, mowed the lawn and made some space in the garage for some wood.

Quarter end went well, but was insanely busy as usual. Maybe I can start looking beyond politics, finance and chores to talk about some marketing stuff?

You can get a dose of some Marketing Audio on this week’s BeanCast, with yours truly on the panel:

Direct link to file

And The M Show showed up this week, 10 minutes of action here:

Direct link to file

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