Running with the Tribes

This morning I attended a Seth Godin event, a presentation on his new book Tribes (please click to offset my massive new media experiment debt). I took the Acela down from Boston the night before and had a chance to crash in Hell’s Kitchen, and then head over for the morning session at the New York Times Center. I brought along the camera and audio rig, I’ve found that to be enough, if I try to shoot video I end up being cameraman and not actually paying attention to what’s going on. I had hoped to have my new 50mm 1.4 lens that I had ordered last week, not realizing that we’re in the middle of a holiday (a week, not a day) and I might get my lens before 2009. Good thing I coughed up for 2 day shipping. I digress. Let’s talk tribes…

I was surprised to see so many tribes that I have been fortunate enough to run with. He lead off talking about Joel Spolsky (aka Joel on Software), we threw a cocktail reception after his most recent Business of Software conference in Boston. He had a slide from Gnomedex showing off Chris’ geek tribe, Gary V got a shout out (who is sitting on a panel today in Arizona with my Marketing Over Coffee co-host Christopher Penn).

The biggest suprise I had was a photo from one of Chris Marquardt’s Tips from the Top Floor photo seminars (link to shots from the seminar I attended in Portland, Maine at the end of the summer). There was even a shot from the Red Sox Nation (of which I am a card carrying member (although it may have expired….)). Crossfit was also mentioned, a workout program that has brought me much pain.

Laura Fitton scored some prime real estate, she’s been doing very well even in spite of her attending the Scott Monty Roast.

It was an entertaining presentation, and in his classic style it’s very thought provoking. The good news is that I also recorded the session and will be posting it over in the Marketing Over Coffee feed (presuming that it is of decent quality, I haven’t checked it out yet).

For more photos from the presentation check out my Flickr account.

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I can’t tell you how appreciative I am that you took the time to record and post the audio. I was hoping to come to the NYC event but family commitments prevented it. Someday perhaps I’ll get the chance.

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