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Random Stuff Before the Weekend

I’ll be writing up the info I gathered from Dreamforce later today. My head is still spinning, that was a lot of stuff to take in over 2 days. I’ve put up some of the photos including CEO Marc Benioff, Malcolm Gladwell, and the Appy Trophy.

I also have some gadget gear updates: If you are thinking about buying an Amazon Kindle e-book reader for the holidays don’t hold back, I ordered one on November 1st to use a discount code that I had and it says it is shipping somewhere aroundMalcolm Gladwell November 24th. If that holds by Thanksgiving it may be too late.

I also took the plunge and got a Sony PSP for gaming and movies on the plane (coach is now so small that I can’t open my laptop without being in the exit row. It completely rocks (if you are into game or UMD Movie trading drop me a line). As a result I am unloading my Onyx Nintendo DS Lite, I’m including over 30 games including Guitar Hero, a USB wireless adapter and a headset mic. Appy Award

It’s in great condition and I’d prefer to give a reader a deal over going ebay. Twitter me at themshow if you are interested.

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