Bono Vox

Thirsty Thursday had an extra kick this week with Shel Holtz (For Immediate Release is the leading audio program for PR practitioners and has a large following. When Shel comes to town, there’s a crowd of people that want to meet him). Upstairs at Vox was semi-private so we had a great space to meet and I did get to spend some time over on the leather couch quality testing Martinis until the crowd showed up.

A few photos from Todd Van Hoosear hit the presses this morning, and most importantly Chip Griffin was there and made a surprise announcement that Custom Scoop was sponsoring the event. A perfect fit, Custom Scoop provides online media monitoring services.

Thanks to everyone who showed up, including Jenny, Sarah (don’t worry, Carin doesn’t refer to you as Poo Cane), Steve Garfield, Sooz, THE Ann Handley who grew up near Doug Haslam (and Ron Ploof, what was in the water there?). I have a bunch of business cards from new folks that I met so I’ll be adding some new subscriptions this weekend. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to convince the lovely Carin into a night out, thanks to all of you that asked for her. Thanks for a great time, I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did.

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