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A few pointers today to some things that I’ve been really impressed with:Curt Schilling has moved his blog, if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to decide what major league team to play for check out his latest posts.

Scott Monty talks about using social media at Ford. They’ve also some Ford Video, and I’m going to have to dig deep find a photo of our vintage Fiesta, which looks nothing like the new Fiesta.

That reminded me of a GM post from Will,  which reminded me to post a new link of video on the Lincvolt.

Lastly in auto if you need a GPS I have a one-time code I can use to get a Navigon 8100T for only $299, which is half price . You have to see the 3D image to believe it, but tell me ASAP as they will probably go in the first few hours. (update, my offer has expired and it doesn’t matter, Pogue from the Times says it stinks)

Jenny outlines some gift ideas for the fairer sex. And that’s it for the linkbait,  except for Marketing Over Coffee, the best marketing podcast.

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