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6th Photo Meme

Mike tagged me on the 6th Photo Meme – the idea is that you go to your Flickr account and grab the 6th photo on your 6th page. It’s a great reason to talk about photos (and probably something out of the mind of the Marketing department at Flickr). If you are a flickr fan at all, please click through and friend me up.

This photo is from my cousin’s wedding this summer, these are my cousins Jenny and Chris. Their Dad Jim is my Mom’s brother. I really enjoy spending time with them, but they’re out in Michigan so I usually only get to see them once a year. The rest of the shots are up there if you like trolling photos as much as I do!

To pass it on, I’ll tag Chicago Mike (are you on Flickr?), John from ODM, Chip Griffin (although he doesn’t blog about much personal, he is a Flickr Friend), Jason – who is doing a 365 project and taking some great shots, my Marketing Over Coffee co-host (and new camera owner) Christopher S. Penn, and Julia Roy.

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