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Coltrane and WebInno

You are now looking at a 2.7 WordPress blog (codename Coltrane). With this forced update it appears that I have vanquished the spammers that had taken up residence down in my footer, sending my Google juice to hell. Why didn’t I upgrade before switching domains you ask? Only so many hours in a day unfortunately.

Last week was WebInno 20, the new tech showcase that is a great way to find out what’s happening in tech in Boston. The sad part is that I still have paperwork on my desk from WebInno 19 that I had yet to write up. Sadder yet, I signed up for 20 and for some reason thought that it was on Wednesday, so when I checked my calendar that morning, it was too late, it had happened the night before.

Regardless, there are two things to take away from thisĀ  – one for David (as he usually keeps a good eye on who’s writing about the event) – if EventBrite could send a reminder email the day before that would help idiots like the man at this keyboard right now. We’ve had a lot of success doing this for webinars, I go so far as to send the reminder at the same time the event will be the next day so that it has context.

The other is that even though my feedback is late, that doesn’t take anything away from the fact that I was impressed by RunKeeper, an iPhone app that uses GPS to track your time and course. As a diehard Nike+ user (actually off the wagon now with the cold weather), this is very impressive. Since I don’t have an iPhone though, I’ll stay +.