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7 Things You Don’t Know About Me

Bob, the host of the Beancast, where I get to play 3rd rate John Dvorak, tagged me on the 7 Things Meme, so here we go:

  1. I’ve already done a “Hey! It’s me post!”, here’s a bunch of J-Funk trivia.
  2. I ran the Boston Marathon in 2002, and regret the fact that it’s far enough away that it makes me sound like a has-been. Just as important as running was getting to work with the Franciscan Hospital for Children.
  3. My 2 favorite restaurants are The Greek Corner in Cambridge by the Arlington Line, and Tlaloc in San Francisco
  4. I have only one first cousin on my Dad’s side of the family, 11 on my Mom’s side. The 11 are all out in Michigan, and when we go up north we go to the Dockside.
  5. The secret unpublished reason I created Marketing Over Coffee, the best internet marketing podcast, was to get books about marketing for free before they are published. This sinister plot has been working perfectly.
  6. I have almost no short term memory for random words or numbers, when tested I am in the bottom 5% for recall.
  7. I used to have the top corner office in the 2nd tallest building on the Seattle skyline, could see the Piers and Mt. Rainier.

One thing that I’ve found is that when I tag my friends they are about as likely to ignore tagging as anyone else, so I might as well shoot at the A-List – I’d like to see 7 things from Seth Godin, Jason Calacanis (it’s ok, you can do it via email), Adam CurryJohn Dvorak (Channel Dvorak is what the future of Journalism will look like (how about some graphic design though?), and Chris Pirillo (if he has any secrets left after years of lifecasting). I’ll even throw in a meal at a good restaurant if anyone steps up.

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Hi John. Your post came up in my Google Alert for the Franciscan Hospital for Children. It sounds like you enjoyed your visit. We’d love to welcome you back anytime.

As a fellow marketer, I’m curious what one feasible thing do you think the hospital, a non-profit, should do to convey our value to the public?

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