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10 Things I Love

Jason Calacanis has an email list that he’s gone to as an alternative to blogging. (Jason’s Email list signup)

His latest had a list of 10 things he loves, and he asked for people to reply with theirs. Since I went to the trouble of doing my list I thought it would be good to share it with you. Feel free to share your favorites in the comments, or on your own blog and Trackback so I can check it out.

ps – I’d really like to hear from road warriors like Chip Griffin, who I have been meaning to email for weeks.
1. Chargepod
–> What it is: Charge 6 mobile devices at once
–> How it works: small hub, and connects to outlet or car power
–> Why it’s important: replaces a huge ball of cable from my travel bag
–> More info:

2. Johnnie Walker Blue
–> What it is: The Tesla of Scotch – smooth and efficient
–> How it works: You drink it
–> Why it’s important: it makes the pain go away
–> More info: Any better liquor store

3. Sony PSP
–> What it is: Best handheld gaming system
–> Why it’s important: Also great for watching movies

4. Skooba Laptop Bag
–> What it is: The lightest “real bag” you can get
–> Why it’s important: Every ounce counts when you are carrying it yourself
–> More info:

5. Land’s End Cotton/Cashmere blend sweater
–> What it is: As soft as cashmere but cheaper and more durable
–> How it works: Chicks dig it
–> Why it’s important: Because wool is uncomfortable
–> More info: Now that winter is gone you can get them for $10 off ($39), but all the good colors are gone (Navy or black for me)

the rest of my 10, none of which are any big news:

Xbox 360
Apple TV
Sony Bravia
Platinum AMEX so I can use the clean bathroom in the airport club
Podcasts – TWiT and This American Life

I’m a tweetdeck and pandora fan, and I’ll be ordering some Green Tea Kit Kat, Thanks for the tips!

3 replies on “10 Things I Love”

No real thought given to the top 10, but here’s a stab at a few off the top of my head:

* Johnny Walker Blue sucks compared to other good single malt scotch. Way overpriced for what it delivers. Let’s revisit the Brandy Library in NYC and we can find you some better stuff at a cheaper price point.

* Find yourself a good bartender in any city you visit regularly. They’re 10x better than a concierge and much more willing to help if you are just nice to them and tip well. Plus there’s often good conversation.

* Just picked up the ScottEVest jacket. That’s a real winner. I could fit my Macbook Pro in one of its pockets without making me look stupid (though I don’t).

* I generally agree on Platinum Amex, though it has become less valuable in recent years. But whatever you do, be loyal to one airline because it does pay to get upgrades to 1C.

* People still use the PSP?

* The Xbox 360 is the best video game platform I have used. Sports, first person shooters, and more.

* Pandora, pandora, pandora. I listen most every day.

* iTunes post-DRM is a great resource. You do use the iPhone for music and apps, right? But get a Verizon phone for calls if you live rural like I do part of the week.

* Visit the same restaurant every week when you travel. I used to visit different places every time until I realized that relationships matter. Your food is better, your bill is cheaper, and your service is better once you find a regular place where everyone knows your name (like “Cheers”)

* EVDO card. Why pay airport WiFi fees when you can have EVDO at a much better monthly price if you travel a lot?

* TripAdvisor. You do check to see what people say about where you’re staying, right? This site has the best, most accurate reviews.

* Speaking of where to stay, get the cheapest room at the best hotel you can afford. The service is the same for all rooms and who cares if you have a view? Service is what counts. And some hotels — like the Ritz Battery Park in NYC — are surprisingly cheap especially on weekends. Usually it is cheaper than the Sheraton. Guess which I pick.

* If you are in NYC, you need to visit the Rise Bar at the Ritz Battery Park, especially if you are with a significant other. Great views of sunset and the Statue of Liberty. Up on the 13th floor (they call it 14 of course). Also don’t miss the Brandy Library if you appreciate brown spirits at all (whisky including Bourbon and Scotch, plus tequila, rum, cognac, and more). More than 1000 spirits by the glass — affordable for any palate.

* The Kindle. If you travel, don’t lug along a pile of books, just download them to your Kindle and carry that. Really looking forward to Kindle 2 next week for the improvements on my (very few) issues with Kindle 1.

* Love Apple TV.

* You are listening to Media Bullseye Roundtable and Marketing Over Coffee, right?

I’m sure there’s more, but it is late and I just endured a weird session at the hotel bar in DC where I had to listen to a real blowhard for far too long (the perils of business travel).

Some comments…

Apple TV – fantastic..I am not sure why this has not caught on bigger.

Xbox 360 – the best, i have all three. Wii is fun with a group but not many good games, too much junk. PS3 is a fantastic machine, just not a great console platform..its too bad. Xbox really is the best for game selection, options, etc..they are really firing on all cylinders and have been for last couple years.

iPhone – this is MY fav thing. Seriously they should have marketed it as the Macbook nano because it truly is a laptop in your pocket.

Facebook – Like the wall flower girl from high school who grew up to be hot – loving the FB in its current form

Macbook Air – the new one with faster processor and nvidia graphics is fantastic..I got the BEST CASE the Belkiin MacBook Air Vertical Sleeve with Shoulder Strap (google it…must have..sleeve with strap) and now carrying a laptop is so effortless I hardly notice I have it. I got the solid state drive one, will never get another laptop with a HD. Love the air.

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