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Finally Catching Up

Things have been crazy the past two weeks, the biggest spanner in the works being the flu that knocked me down completely back on Tuesday and I was still sleeping it off on Wednesday. Losing two days from the work week creates a total loss for blogging and podcasting and I’m just now catching up and getting ready for a new Marketing Over Coffee tomorrow. (Wait, maybe not a total loss, I did finally regain my strength to make it on The Beancast this week, complete with Steve Hall telling Microsoft that Bing will suck by default)

Lots of big news though. I had a good time catching up with John Federico last week as he was in town for a project and Steve Garfield was there too for some garlic fries at Flash’s. Steve’s book was announced as part of David Meerman Scott’s book series (as well as MOC sponsor Hubspot!) so that’s been very cool along with him hanging out doing both late night and early morning TV in New York City.

I’ve been checking out Blue Sky Factory and doing a mailing for the Matthew Ebel Show tonight! Check it out…

Also going through notes for the summer upgrade and I even had a chance to talk to the marketing product manager about some other possible new features.

After I got over the flu my wife came down with it and her sister came to town with her two dogs and the 4 dogs in total proceeded to get sick, requiring me to rent a rug steam cleaner on Sunday, damn that was fun.

And if all that wasn’t enough news, we’re expecting a baby!

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Hey Congrats on the baby! Great news! I can see it now, live video podcast from the Birthing Center at Brigham & Women’s. Clearly you’ll name it John, boy or girl, I think it totally flies.

nice work!

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