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Garmin 305 vs. Nike+

Seth Godin’s post on dashboards reminded me that I have yet to post on switching from Nike+ to the Garmin 305.

After about a year and a half of using the Nike+ system I’m now using a Garmin 305. The 305 always had a better feature set, but the difference now is that the price has fallen to around $150. I really like using a heart rate monitor (HRM) to train, some days it tells me that just because I feel like I’m giving 100%, I’m not. Other days I have to rein it in even though it feels like I can push harder.

Besides the HRM, the 305 uses global positioning satellites (GPS) to measure distance traveled, speed (and altitude). I was having a problem with the accuracy of the Nike+ foot sensor (measuring by pedometer), that came to a head when I was running a hilly 5k course that I was unfamiliar with and my iPod read that I was finished when I still had more of a tenth of a mile to go. That was the day I went back to see what the 305 price was at.

As far as music I’m using a 2nd Generation Shuffle, the generation with controls still on the player. The 3rd gen is tiny, but you have to use the earbuds that come with it b/c the controls are on the wire, not the unit. This doesn’t work b/c I don’t like to run with earbuds, I prefer neckband so that if they fall out I don’t lose them.

More reports as I put some more miles (and the Falmouth Road Race!) on it.

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John – felt sorry for the Garmin guys after Seth’s post. But it is what it is. I also switched from the Nike+ to the Garmin – bought the 405. What a sweet piece of technology! I enjoy the accuracy of the Garmin product vs. Nike, but you get what you pay for. Tracking your runs on the Garmin site is another sweet way to visually show others (and yourself) how you are running for a nice motivational benefit.
Good luck on your race!

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