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The Time for Training is Over

Lately I’ve been testing a few things out and I’ve found that I’ve learned a lot more from the practical application of tactics than just reading about them. Yeah, I know, big surprise. The thing is – it’s much easier to just read as much as you can rather than try some experiments on your own. All the training in the world can’t substitute for time spent in the field under fire. This is probably why I don’t spend my time doing case studies – I’d rather be doing the program than reporting on somebody else’s results.

Speaking of projects, I’ve rented a 15mm fish-eye lens for the weekend and I’m going to be putting it through the paces at Tanglewood. I’m also starting to think about two other photography projects – there’s a studio in MetroWest that can be rented for less than $300 a day (includes lighting gear), if you are interested in a ghetto style photo clinic drop me a line. In the same vein I’d like to make some prints that could be shown in a gallery, but that’s a much bigger project than I want to bite off (right now).

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