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Freedom from the Soundbite

Something underrated about impact of the web on how we communicate – the fact that you can now get just about any major news video on demand.

I had heard a few things about Michael Jordan’s Hall of Fame acceptance speech and decided to consult the wise and powerful Google. I found a number of articles that were critical of the speech, and thought that it was a letdown. Prior to the web that would be it, I would have to take the news at face value. Now I can go watch the entire 23 minutes myself and form my own opinions.

Michael Jordan has always inspired me, I was fortunate enough to see him play a couple of times and in a time where sports icons seem to have a hard time staying on the straight and narrow he managed to do very well. If you don’t care about basketball, the punch line is that I think it’s a good speech about motivation and competiton if you listen to the whole thing. If it weren’t for the fact that streaming doesn’t work very well, I’d say watch the last few minutes starting at the 21:00 mark, I don’t think it matches what the soundbites say.

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Well of course – “a good speech about motivation and competition” isn’t scandalous, but a few seconds of it certainly is! This is what the big media doesn’t realize.

You just can’t let the greatest basketball player of all time to skate into the little shrine between Columbus Avenue and the Connecticut River…


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