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While the blog languishes to good news is that all projects are moving along nicely.

The most important news is that the day job has been on fire, bonus with a baby coming is a wonderful thing.

I got down to the Inbound Marketing Summit for part of a day, and 2 nights. I pulled a Forrest Gump and fell out of the sky on Wednesday to get dinner with the show team which was cool. I also got to hang out with Tim Street and that will show up on Marketing Over Coffee as soon as I can get to it.

A good week working with Matthew Ebel too. After a few months of work the major plumbing on his email system is up and we surveyed over 200 of his fans for feedback on his live shows. Some interesting there that will include testing some SMS stuff, very excited about that.

I’m also completing final edits on an eBook about email tactics, that should also end up on the best marketing podcast fairly soon.

Until then, I found this great video – Seth Godin talking about the behind the scenes strategy of his books. Buried in the last 5 minutes is why he doesn’t do email and sticks to blogging.

Right now I have the time honored New England tradition of moving the air conditioner to the basement. Have a good weekend!

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