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Quarterly Review

Although I called Reverse NaBloPoMo, my Q3 review is actually left over from October… So here we go:

Results so far for 2009 Goals:

3Q 2009 Results
3Q 2009 Results

Family keeps me grounded and so it rates first. It’s been a good year, the only problem is not being able to get out to California to see my nephew. Unfortunately there’s not enough vacation time to go around between my family in Michigan and the West Coast. On the plus side was Carin’s birthday trip to swim with the dolphins in Orlando.

Financial Goals will be hit this year thanks to aggressive saving all year long. I’ve also reviewed all investments and insurance. The only thing remaining is to hit the Charity Goal, and all that requires is checking how much we’ve given in December and writing checks to hit the goal. No real effort to hit that one.

My Personal goals were kind of lame this year. I’ve lost about 1/3 of the weight I wanted to so that one will not get hit this year, even though I did run Falmouth. I wanted to shoot more video, and I did a little bit, but I ended up getting wrapped up more with photography.

Professionally it’s been another great year at AccuRev, in a year where everyone in software fears the unemployment line, we’ve been hitting bonus targets. Marketing Over Coffee is having another strong year too.

Time to start thinking about what to work on in 2010…

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