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First Quarter 2010 Review

First Quarter 2010 Results

With the first quarter in the books it’s time to look back on the results.

Family is going very well, there were a lot of things to get in order with my son, and most of it has been fairly straightforward. I’ve also continued duties as the family IT department and everyone can still access the web…

Financial is going well, the big Q1 job is taxes and I’m waiting on the refunds, so that’s all good. I’ve been meaning to refinance the m0rtgage, but I just haven’t had the willpower to do all that paperwork, and the first cut I took had me paying so much in cl0sing c0sts that it would take years to make it back in savings.

Professional is also going very well, nothing special to report there and that’s a great th   ing.

Personal is not as bad as it looks on paper. I’ve been working out more but didn’t meet my weight goal, but the good news is that my weight has been steady but I am stronger and faster (one of the problems of making the goal in pounds). I’m at the racing distance for the Red Sox Run to Home Base event I am doing in May (please consider donating to help Veterans with traumatic brain injuries and/or post traumatic stress syndrome). The good news is that if I stay at this distance I’m also ready to roll for Falmouth at the end of the summer, knocking down another goal.

The only real problem I have is in the Personal category, I have one goal to do something fun and I haven’t been able to decide what to do. I’m considering doing one of the Canon EOS photo clinics that are coming up, but I really don’t shoot that much so I kind of feel that it’s wasted effort. It’s strange, I don’t really have any hobbies that interest me so I end up doing a ton of reading and most of that is work or tech related. Kind of boring actually. I’ve completely written off golf and video games as a waste of time, I think I need another writing project…

On to Q2!

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