5 Podcasts that I never miss – 2010 Edition

In spite of the fact that Podcasting is dead, there are some interesting things to listen to out there. When the craze began I was stuck in my car at least 3 hours a day so I listened to all kinds of stuff. Now that I have been forced to pare down my list, these are the top 5 that make the cut.

I could have used iTunes links for these, but nobody every goes to podcast websites (trust me, I know this for a fact) so I thought they could use some link love.

This American Life – Amazing production, and stories covering all kinds of stuff. Your politics may conflict with NPR but it can’t be argued that NPR does quality audio, second only to the BBC that produces…

The Big Show with Steve Wright – These guys have fun on the radio and land the interviews with the biggest names. The closest thing you’ll find to Johnny Carson. I love Ask Elvis, but I always skip Barry from Watford.

This Week in Tech (TWiT)– It’s continued to grow in size, it seems like it’s always 90 minutes, but it’s still a great place to get your tech news. Maybe not as hardcore tech as it used to be, but the place to stop for a once a week fix.

SparkGreg tipped me off to this programme from the CBC. If This American Life and TWiT had a baby, it would be Spark.

Groove Radio – R&B is a personal preference of mine, and pirate radio always seems to take more pride in the mix. Another indicator of the problem in the music industry – I buy more tracks from listening to the Groove than any other channel.

Of course it wouldn’t be linkbait if I didn’t make a plug for Marketing Over Coffee.

Feel free to add your own favorites – choose wisely, just as in Sparta, you will be judged by your words.

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LOVE Spark! Great show. An extended version of each week’s primary interview is usually available in the Spark Plus feed.

Other weekly “must-listens” are the 37 Signals podcast, On The Record Online, The Beancast and of course, leading the pack, MOC! (I usually download it directly from the blog Wednesday night.)

Keep up the great work!

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