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Not to be cryptic

Thanks to everyone that got in touch with me after the last post, your concern is truly appreciated. I had written that at a point where I was tired and waiting for things to move. This is why I know I am better than marketing than sales, I like the long term view, and the quick hit of response rates. The sales guys that grind out the large deals one at a timeĀ  deserve to get the best cash comp in the organization.

Part of writing that was the fact that I know that when it was all done, I wouldn’t really feel like writing, but I wanted to have something in the pipeline for when it was done. The weekend is finally here and I have a chance to clean up a bit. I just finished my first week at Boston Software Systems, a company that takes the paperwork and data entry out of healthcare. Hospitals often have multiple IS systems (and worse yet there are many groups of hospitals that share data between the multiple hospitals with multiple IS systems), and Boston Workstation can automate the data entry across systems. It’s simple to use and powerful because it is flexible enough to automate almost any task.

I’m excited to be working with a couple of guys that I have worked with before, Mark mentioned I was like the Blues Brothers getting the band together again. Now that my evenings are mine again I’ll be able to get back to more reading, which will result in more to talk about. Thanks for checking in with me here, I’m off to enjoy the weekend.

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