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I have a bunch of links piling up that are not worthy of their own post, but I did think they were worth commenting on and sharing:

Warren Buffet saying that the rich could be asked to pick up their fair share. I recall Jeff Bussgang with a similar post in the past year, talking about VCs gambling other people’s money and only being being taxed at 15%. It’s an interesting argument, on one hand I see the fairness of it, on the other hand I don’t see congress behaving more responsibly by throwing more money at them.

Speaking of Congress – new music inspired by the Muppet Show.

I have been locked out of XBox Live for almost a month now because of a security breach. This would be a bummer if I hadn’t stopped playing video games 2 years ago.

There’s a whole series of new Swiss Army Knives that are USB drives and have bluetooth slide control. Some of them are blade free to make them TSA safe. If I didn’t already have a logitech presenter I’d consider one of these.

And I am about 80% through the first cut of a book. More on that later. I hope your summer is going well…

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I got a swiss army USB a few christmases ago. The handiest part, that has been surprisingly used countless times? The pen.

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