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Audio Confessions!

B2BMarkConfes copyB2B Marketing Confessions is now available as an audiobook! I know it’s absurd that a guy with a podcast needs a year to get the audio version of his book done, but that’s how the chips fell.

The blurb: What’s the Truth About Marketing? Contrary to the popular belief that marketing is advertising, listen to the confessions of an insider to learn how marketing affects every step of the customer lifecycle. From product design, to building awarness, selling, and keeping customers happy, this book covers all the basic principles and gives you tactics, tips and tricks to succeed (including best practices for!

Star Rating: 4.5 out of 5 – San Francisco Book Review

“…one of the many wonderful things about B2B Marketing Confessions: it is accessible and useful to everyone.”
B2B Marketing Confessions is exceptional. Wall describes everything you could ever want to know about the modern-day marketing process. Whether you are a professional marketer or an entrepreneur with a big idea and no employees (yet), you should read this book. I have no doubt that you will find Wall’s advice easy to understand and exciting to put to use.”

Available at:

Amazon (via Audible)


Audible (Get it free if you start a 30 day trial)

Dead tree and Kindle versions here

I’m working hard to promote it this month so if you are looking for an interview subject, webinar host or presenter, or speaker I’m ready for your group, association or nursing home!



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