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One Man Search Commando

I first started doing SEO back around 1997, since then it was a priority for some of my masters and not for others. Currently we are campaigning hard, and for the first time I am working with a retained outside firm (I know, not true Ronin).

Things seem to have really tightened up, there used to be a ton of “tricks” you could use and most of them have been locked down. Now it’s borderline with basic usability…

We just started an update on the Paid Search side, I will probably be talking about that at the Second Life CaseCamp coming up.

The good news is AccuRev is sending me off to Search Engine Strategies in Chicago the week of December 4th, so if you are a fellow Ronin please give me a shout.

Other good news: Jason Calacanis will be there on Tuesday so I’m looking forward to hearing what he’s up to after having recently left AOL. He also had a great post this week outlining some metrics for what a successful blog should be doing numbers-wise.
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