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M Show Sunday

It’s Sunday and that means The M Show gets recorded… A very slow week with the Thanksgiving holiday here in the states, but a few intersting things like the OJ project being scuttled and a statement that The Boston Globe is not for sale.

Steve Rubel had an interesting post on widgets – components that designers can add to webpages. Relevant as I contine with my initiation into WordPress…

Take a listen on Monday Morning!

2 replies on “M Show Sunday”

I surely like the name better than The M Blog, or whatever else you were thinking. But when I think of Ronin, I think of the movie by that name. Spy… mystery… marketing… it all fits!

Thanks for the comment, sorry about the delay in it going up, I’ve switched off the approval settings (at least until the spammers show up….). See you for SES, can’t wait to get the Chicago Cheese Popcorn!