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Live, from Second Life, IT’S THURSDAY NIGHT!

So I just got off stage from talking about paid search at the Second Life Case camp. It was a lot of fun, but I have this problem talking about new media, I have an irrational fear of running out of content so as a result I always set up too much content and end up presenting like an ADD crack addict that’s just shotgunned 3 triple espressos. At least it feels that way, hopefully it sounds a little better than that.

I’m working on the company newsletter and starting to flesh out a blogger relations program. Tomorrow will also release the next SCM Podcast from AccuRev, for those of you into learning about SCM and SOA (Rock on!). There’s also the holiday gift story that is still evolving so I am unable to speak about it at the present time (but when I can, it will be worth it, I have some venting to do). With that, thank you ladies and gentleman, you’ve been great, try the virtual veal, it’s excellent!