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HTML vs Plain Text Email

I sent off an email campaign yesterday and finally got around to testing a full-color HTML message vs a plain text one. I’m an old enough fart to remember how open and click-throughs exploded when images were added to email so this could be the coming of the full circle. Trying to get a plain text email out proved to be quite a challenge, there’s no way in ConstantContact to just click “Text Only” (but I thought of a workaround for that, of course 1 day after moving hell and earth to get it out via an Outlook mail merge, which is another horror story of it’s own adding to my December from hell).

So in the spirit of the Rocky Balboa release today, I’m wondering if there are any opinions out there on who will be triumphant, the champion or the challenger?

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I just pulled the trigger on Tuesday, I need to let the numbers calm down before I start tallying (that’s one of the things that sucks – I need to compile stats on the text message manually).

I was also blown away at the number of Out of Office notices I got back, more than 3x the norm, I didn’t realize so many people bail out early at year end.

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