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Virtual Telemarketing

As a follow-up to my post on “Just calling to check in” I was checking my voicemail and a message started up with the classic p0rn theme playing (you know the one, a little slap bass and guitar scratch – bowmp, ba-bowmp, wacka-wacka). After a few seconds a woman’s voice came on trying to sell me something, I can’t even remember what the hell it was.

It just struck me as odd that this virtual voice was “talking” to my voicemail. Just as weird as the lovely Carin talking back to our GPS as we drive around Boston. We hear a human voice and the device IS alive. If I could find a way to automatically delete any voicemail that’s machine to machine that would be it, I’d be in my beach house on Nantucket.

2 replies on “Virtual Telemarketing”

Well, they did it right… they have the music playing all the time, as there is most likely a delay between when someone picks up, and the voice message starts. That way you don’t get that typical telemarketer pause, which is my cue to hang up.

Just don’t get me started on the voice-response systems, where you can speak what you want… providing someone already decided to include it in the options! Hello, UPS?!

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