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The Dork Alert – On the cast I have made fun of people with lightsabres, so I was given my due and caught red handed with this one. I’ve never seen anybody I’ve admired in a photo with a Star Wars prop, so either it’s all over or hopefully I’m a trend setter. Credits to C.C. Chapman for this shot, he called it “The M Jedi”, I call it “Step away from my chocolate chip cookie”.

I’d like to publicly thank Christopher Penn for hosting a get together on Saturday night that was very cool. I took part in a ceremony with a 2,500 year old history, and got to meet Bre Pettis who does video for Make Magazine, which I’ve been a fan of since Issue 1 after having met Phil Torrone at Gnomedex. (How’s that for rockin’ the linx in the shizzow notes, fool! Damn, I’m so street!).
Plenty of cool stuff coming up this week, off we go!

Addendum – actually Darth Wall sounds pretty good…
Darth Wall

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I know people in the area who could do the face paint for you. At least if you want to increase your geek quotient 2x20d. But the “I’m so street” comment made me think of a recent Dr. Floyd Voicemail show where d r f l gets down with the kiddies to rips it alls up. 🙂

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