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Explorer Still Losing Ground

I wanted to throw this out to the crowd to see if anyone is seeing similar stats – both on my work and personal sites I see MS Explorer falling below 50% of all traffic. Very close to 50 on my B2B site, but occasionally low 40’s on my blog/podcast stuff. Firefox continues to gain ground as well as a bunch of lesser known ones.

Is there anybody out there with Explorer still over 70% as it was a year ago?

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My most-visited client (~3,000/day) only shows IE at 29%, but the vast majority of the “browsers” (60%) are labelled as spiders/bots. I have a feeling the IE decrease is a bit of an anomaly, as it’s still the most-used actual browser by far. Firefox barely registers 2% on their site (and half of those visits are probably mine).

My stats for IE for 2006

49.8% – Dec 06
49.5% – Nov 06
46.7% – Oct 06
48.6% – Sep 06
50.7% – Aug 06
48.1% – Jul 06
51.6% – Jun 06
54.6% – May 06
57.5% – Apr 06
56.6% – Mar 06
55.7% – Feb 06
59.6% – Jan 06

Looks Like June was the month where the IE traffic really rolled off.

Rob @ podCast411

Interesting, I’ve emailed the guys to ask about the tools they use. I use awstats, which is not the greatest tool but you can’t beat the price (free). It filters out the spiders so that the numbers are more interesting. My dropoff is more severe than Rob’s but the podcast411 audience are early adopters so they were probably already on the train.

Google analytics looks interesting but even though I have the account I haven’t had the time to play with it yet.

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