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Microsoft Crayonville Connection Uncovered

You heard it here first. Last week I was trying to compile my results from my HTML vs. text email test and having some trouble with a SQL query (I have to use the Access tool, I only write SQL code as comic relief for the true developers I work with). While trolling the Microsoft help center I came across this page showing an official Microsoft phonebook. In the event that the absurd traffic that this scoop generates brings that page down, I’ve done a screen cap of the book for your convenience:

MS Phonebook As you can see they have Jaffe not once but twice! They must be using “Jo” as either a feminine disguise or reference to the Curry “Bend over b!tich” scandal.

The feminine disguise theory could also mean that Holly Holt is a cover for Shel Holtz, and I’ve been told on good authority that Wei Yu loosely translates to “C.C. Chapman“.
You heard it here first.

Disclaimer: It seems like people occasionally have trouble with this stuff, so to be clear – this is a joke. I have no idea if there is a connection or not, but since you have hit my link bait perhaps you’d be interested in some other posts if any of the categories on the right catch your attention. Or better yet, listen to The M Show! More news as it happens.

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I can do some things in Access, but often I find myself dumping the table out to Excel. You have to love Access – both the most successful (on most desktops) and the least used database.