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For all Salesforce admins out there – have you checked out the IdeaExchange yet? It’s a cool combination of Digg, Wiki and Product Management tool. Users can rate what features or bugs the want to see developed in the next release of the product, and then Salesforce can brag about doing the stuff that you asked for.

Kudos for a great implementation of new technologies, but did you really expect anything less from Bonus activity – go and vote for my “Add RSS” request, add a comment, and tell me you did and I’ll send the first 3 people a $10 iTunes gift card.
I’m finally going to be able to attend one of the local meetings here in Boston at the end of the month, they’re also showing off a new development language of some sort. I tend not to get too excited about that kind of stuff until it’s survived for a year or two.

And of course I’m already wondering how cool SF will look on the new Apple iPhone

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