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Invest in Thought Leadership, Not Marketing

I’m listening to Jeremy Allaire from Brightcove present at the MIT Enterprise Forum – Brave New Web and the title of this post is a quote direct from his presentation. I’ve run into this meme a number of times in the past couple of months. David Scott has written much on being a thought leader, it seems like new ventures are taking this to the extreme.

For irrelevant marketing and messages, the oxygen is gone.

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Babble non-withstanding – there is a point to be made about doing something besides cranking out ads and brochures. Every marketing department should have at least one person that knows the product and industry better than anyone in the world.

A thought leader is a subset of a complete leader. One who has the foresight to understand where a market is going ahead of everyone else may not necessarily be the right person to lead an organization of other individuals to that destination in a profitable manner.

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