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Robbed – part 2

So I’m still cleaning up from having my car broken into on Monday, but last night was a different Rob – the podcast pioneer from Podcast411 was in town so we had dinner in Boston’s North End. I have been interviewed on 411 but it’s so far back in the archives that it’s been buried because he’s overhauled his sound system since what I believe he calls “The excedrin episodes” or something like that.

In related bizarre news, Pink was in town this week and hung with the true Macks at the AFC.

Today is the MIT Brave New Web event so more info on that and a Boston Geek Dinner at Sonsie (break out your best black turtleneck and pants).

I’m also getting into a discussion with the CAPOW guys about companies that put “deceptive” videos up on YouTube. Should a company put up a video that looks grassroots? Is this wrong? Should an organization like WOMMA deal with ethical questions for the industry, or are they around just to generate trade shows (I don’t see “non-profit” anywhere on their site)?

I’m interested in your opinion if you’d like to weigh in.